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2023  directing, DP - Portrait Film of  Dianna Kaufmann, executive producer: Fernando Fernandez, MIAMI USA

2023  directing, DP - Portrait Film of  Veronica Pasman, executive producer: Fernando Fernandez, MIAMI USA

2022  BTS - Thriller, Short: Love, Cherish, Obey,   HUN

2022  original concept (with Eszter Polyak) , producer, editor - Short: /NOT2B - The Last Fashion Show HUN-USA

2022  directing, DP - Music Video: "Még meg sem köszöntem"MIAMI USA

2022-2021  Owner (with Daniele Del Gaudio) of Miami Beach Photo Studio, MIAMI USA

2020-2023  Owner (with Peter Engert) of KINOKO Restaurant, Bay Harbor Islands USA

2020  directing, DP - Portrait Film of Noel SuarezMIAMI USA

2019  directing, DP Multi Award Winning Music Video Yellow Submarine (The Beatles) by Fanni Sarkozy, MIAMI USA

2019  directing, DP (with Gabor Kvalla) Music Video Portfolio for Veracruz Party-Band, Kalocsa, HUN

2019  directing & videographer the Award Winning Real Estate Video of the Month of July by Photography for Realestate

2018  directing videographer the Award Winning Real Estate Video of the Year of 2018 by Photography for Realestate

2017--  director, editor & videographer daily Luxury Real Estate Video with Luxhunters Production, MIAMI USA

2015-2017  director, DP & editor (with Gabor Kvalla) the feature Documentary: "Amphibious", executing producer: Peter Engert)

2015  director & videographer dozens of Adult Education interviews / short films (1 man band - 3 camera + lighting and sound)

2012  director (with Jonathan Beatbybit), executive producer of Music video: Kincses feat. Baby T - OutOfLove

2007-2012   editor & videographer, photographer, graphic designer for Baby T - Live shows, Concerts, Ballet Events 

2007  Music Album debut show of the Unisex - Peter sings 2 songs - 8 of 10 lyrics was wrote by Peter. Budapest, A38 Boat 14. Feb, HUN

2006  director of music video for Bridge band. Working with Zoltan Mayer multi award winner DP and Adam Romhányi./Oct, HUN

2006  Music Debut and interview (with Arnold Vígh) of first Single & Music Video on Viva Music Tv channel /Oct, HUN

2006  Live Music show with Arnold Vígh, Miss Bikini World Hungary, Cameleon Bar, Budapest /30. Sept, HUN

2006  Music show with Arnold Vígh ("All the Memories") at Pearl of Danube Embroider and Beauty Contest, Bp, E Club 09/17., HUN

2006  director of his first music video "All the Memories" (Ujlenyomat Csoport)

2006  CD cover for Edvin Marton - Stradivarius, graphic design /8. Sept, HUN

2006  CD cover of the Magna Cum Laude - "Minden állomás", graphic design ,03/10., HUN

2005  Digital Background for UNITED Live Concert - Budapest "Zold Pardon", HUN

2005  CD cover for Dorina - "Keresem az igazit", photos, painting and graphic design Sept, HUN

2005  Music show at Wine Festival / Jurying for Angelface agency - Beauty of Kiskőrös 3.Sept, HUN

2005  Jurying for Angelface agency - Beauty of the Spa, Kecskemét 27. Aug, HUN

2004  solo exhibition, directing first Short Film for opening ceremony: "I'm Not an Artist", Kiskőrös, Petőfi Community Centre. 10/12 Dec HUN

2003-2006  Graphic Studio Manager at Sprint Press & Digital Cervices - Budaors, HUN

2002  Digital Background Painting in Mr Bean, The Animated Series - Budapest, HUN

2001-2002  Teaching Art at Petofi High School - Kiskoros, HUN

2001  Art Teacher Bachelor Degree - University of Szeged Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education, Szeged HUN

2000 Drawing Special Kindergarten Teacher Degree - Gál Ferenc University, Pedagogy Faculty, Szarvas HUN 

2000  Photo exhibition with Vanda Katona, Szeged HUN

1997  Beginning of Fine Art Painting / Teaching Bachelor Studies - Szarvas, HUN

1996  Handling Camcorder first time for a playful music video project - Szeged, HUN
1993  Beginning of Graphic Design Studies - Szeged Tomorkeny Istvan Art High School, HUN

1993  Beginning of Photo Studies - Szeged, HUN

1991  Beginning of Art Studies - Kiskoros, HUN

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